The Rêverie Flute Company is a boutique flute maker. Flutes are fully handmade and we explore and develop building flutes in materials that had been long forgotten, for instruments of this quality.


Encouraging you to explore your dreams, our name has great significance. Dreams in music, fantasy. At Rêverie Flutes, we build an instrument that allows for you to explore the limits of your musicianship, a flute that does not hold you back.

Freedom in Music, Freedom in Playing- Rêverie.

At The Rêverie Flute Company, flutes are built using exclusively soldered tonehole construction - how fully - handmade flutes are made. This method of construction gives the instrument a greater resistance and response, a vibrancy not found in drawn tonehole flutes.

A Word From the Founder


Gloria Huh for Rêverie Flutes


I fell in love with my Rêverie Flute from the first moment I played it. The big, resonant tone all throughout the registers and fast light response of the instrument really makes it easy to play exactly what I want on the flute.

As a gold flute player for years, its heavy weight has always affected my hands, but my Rêverie Flute is much lighter and it gives me so much ease when I play.

I've played it in orchestral, solo and chamber music settings, and I am amazed at the power of projection it has when playing in an orchestra or in front of an ensemble, and also a huge dynamic range and sensitivity when playing chamber music.

- Gloria Huh

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