A Word From the Founder

The choice of a flute should be determined by what are the true needs of the player. In my case, this has come down to: Does the flute allow me to do the things I want musically; or, is it limited?

At Rêverie we build the flute that allows for that type of freedom in your playing.

Rêverie Flutes came into being during my time as an orchestral musician, which allowed me the opportunity for extensive on-the-job experimentation in the development of this instrument.
Additionally, my collegues in other orchestras have been able to use Rêverie flutes at work, and have been gracious enough to give me their feedback. This and other experimentation has led to a clear idea of what works as a tool for flutists.


- Saul Waskow

Former Assistant Principal Flute and Piccolo                                                                                                        The Mexico City Philharmonic Orchestra

D.M.A., The University of Southern California