My nickel Rêverie headjoint with silver embouchure is as the name Rêverie implies, an absolute dream - even, responsive, and dynamic with a full color palette. It offers that elusive combination of orchestral blend and soloistic personality. The first time I played the Rêverie in an orchestra rehearsal, one of my colleagues actually mistook it for a platinum head given the power and depth it added to my Haynes flute. This headjoint is simply a joy in every regard.

- Karen Tagashi


I wasn't even in the market for a Flute when my technician (who was giving a seminar at our flute club) suggested I try one of the Rêverie models she happened to have with her. As soon as I played the first one I picked up (a plated nickel-silver model with a silver headjoint), I could tell it was one of the best flutes I've ever played - at any price point. In fact, I was so impressed, within a week of working with the Rêverie, I had arranged to sell my Muramatsu and replace it with the Rêverie. I find the ergonomics extremely comfortable and the mechanism smooth and reliable. The scale is excellent. The sound and response is very much to my taste, with an easy, responsive, resonant low end and a sweet 3rd octave. Perhaps the biggest plus for me is that I can switch between the Rêverie and my other flute (a Miyazawa) with no transition period at all. Previously, it would take me about 3 days to really get in the groove after a switch either way.

- Jaime Ondrusek


The professional feel and flexible sound of the new line of Rêverie flutes makes them especially fun to play (and hard to put down!) They have a sweet tone that isn't too dark, but still can deliver some extreme dynamics when you need them. I especially like the nickel silver model - now I can say I've finally played a nickel silver flute I would consider using professionally.

- Julie Long